Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stella's Fish Cafe adds second rooftop--accessibility, overall point unknown.

We live in a nation where the concept of “more” is often perceived as being synonymous with “better”. A Minnesotan need not look further than the gluttonous freak show that is the State Fair for damning evidence of this. It is in this patriotic vein it would seem that Stella’s Fish CafĂ© has added a superfluous second roof.

I was at ADP’s favorite Uptown, suburbanite-laden meat market on Sunday night after essentially a summer-long hiatus. After buying my drinks on the main level (note: 2-for-1s do not apply upstairs), I ventured up to the rooftop anticipating the usual overcrowding and permeating aroma of Parliament Lights. What I discovered however, was much more bewildering: a second rooftop. This new construction rests directly above the bar area, and at first blush looked to be open to all patrons, although I later walked by and it was roped off, so who knows. I pray it isn’t some new “VIP” section, because the last thing that Henn.-Lake needs are more Jaegered-up idiots in True Religion jeans who feel more important than they are.

If I had to guess, I would surmise that this is some sort of response to the new rooftop competition across the street, by way of Cafeteria. It could also have something to do with $100-minimum-to-sit-upstairsgate. Honestly, I enjoy a good rooftop as much as the next guy, but at some point this much piling on just breeds vertigo, which is not something that traditionally bodes well with alcohol.

Labor Day Weekend/Re-Launch

Well, I survived Labor Day Weekend no worse for the wear, and I hope you all can say the same. Having Monday off, plus a Thursday night Gopher football game (W) as a lead-up pushed weekend merriment to rare levels for ADP. Yes, sloppy tip write-ins and ATM surcharges were abundant at Autumn's doorstep. The good old days indeed.

Arriving at a harsh clarity that only the realities of a Tuesday morning after a three-day weekend can produce, I have decided to re-launch ADP with a new focus on my beloved pastime. An unproductive, unhealthy, and certainly uneconomical (I live in Uptown, you know how it is) pastime, but a pastime no less. A hobby so adored by twenty-somethings, and creepy old alcoholics alike throughout the Twin Cities landscape , that someone writing a blog about it seems like a forgone conclusion. I am that someone, and ADP is my vessel.